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Feb 28,

today i need to learn some dump thing at school.but i am making this insted. my classmatƎ hƎlpd mƎ gƎt thƎ fotos for school


feb 29

today i had a big test but i did not do it bƎcause i was sick.today it was a dump day.my classmates are kind of wƎird and some of them are hatƎfull.today one of my classmates usƎd the middle fingƎr

feb 30

thƎ big tƎst is today,i am studying right now + homƎwork but i did not do it because the profesol sayd that i cant do that test that will be inpossiber that with my streass i can do it

March 1

no test today.my classmates were annoying but no test

March 2

i got a 9+ on my test,a girl in my class bite a kid in my class.i was sleepy all day and i felt sick.

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March 3

today i watch the dream smp for 4 hours and tommy is back pog and tales from the smp,

March 4

nothing happend today

March 5

I got a cold

March 6

today i did online school.and i was one of th worst day in my life

March 7

today i played minecraft all day with my friends it was so fun

March 8

i did some online school,and i got a new math teacher pog.{today i played botw and minecraft}

march 9

i did extra math today

march 10

i have a old pc on my hands[aa windows XP]

march 11

Today i wanted to go to starbucks but because the city was close i did not go

march 12

online school and autotune and minecraft

march 13

online school and my first time useing linux

march 14

i use a new font on my laptop its a funny very fun funny fun fun font,today l have a biologi and i hate it so much because of my teacher

march 15

doing homework right now,how do i change font on neocites

march 16

going to the big city

march 17 i was at a party

march 18

relaxing with music and watching the dream smp

march 19

lets say it was just a bad day

did some math on saturday and i am going to a party

humans are dead in my hand

march 20

today i had a good time in my history class

march 21

i got sick and im staying home!!!

march 22

i love water and im sick

i did nothing all day

i love bob ross so much i watched him all day

march 23

i have goten sick

march 24

im FREE from school for the easter vacation

march 25

i feel more more like a furry

march 26

i did nothing lo

march 27

i go outside and talk to my mom

march 28

i did some coding

march 29

march 30

i did nothing

march 31

my dad is anoying as hell

April 1


april 2

i sayed that my mom sayed hello and SAPPPY allallaal

day 35

im a live


one of my friends as come out as GAY


i was gonna go to my family but it was raining

day 38

my youtube recommendation are so bad

day 39

im going insane im going insane im going insane im going insane im going insane lalaalalallaallalalaalallalalalaallalalal

day 40

i watched some videos

day 41

i love lofi music

day 42

i did some math

DAY 43

is bill ga GOD?

day 44

im a live again

day 45

getting jips

DAY 46

uwu im a axolotl

day 47

am i dead

day 48

i am not dead

day 49


day 50

i went somewhere

DAY 51


DAY 52

im back

DAY 53

i feel sick

day 54

my interneat died LOL

day 55

guys did you know that theres firefox rule 34


lets say a friend!

((bass boosted XP startup sound)) laaaaa hello today we are going to a water park