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how do i eat

i want wast for my fish

dyeet yettteee yeeet

schools are so good

life X death


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night 1

in my dreem i went after a car that was red [that red car was like my dad old car] the car stopped it had my mom inside and then she started crying over my body,in the light of the moon.

night 2

in my dream i was at my school and we well making dragons real [THE DRAGON LOOKED LIKE A PAPER DRAGON ] and then we had a test at sport?

night 3

i dont remember

night 4

in my dreem i had a magical wond and i used it to get a bully turnd in a dog

night 5

in my dreem i was with my teachers in my dreem and she sayd"i you send its gold star to all your friends you will get a gold star"[i think i was in grade one]

night 6

i dont remember

night 7

in my dream i was at a cafe

night 8

i did not sleep

night 9

i storm was at my doorstep,i ran to my dogs and took them in the internet.

night 10

i dont remember

night 11

i do not remember

night 13

i dont remember

night 14

i killed a theree